Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Blog Changes

While I'm here, I thought I'd drop a line! I plan on making some changes whenever I get home and decompress (see below). These will involve adding avatar icons for everyone, which I need pictures for. So, send me pictures! Of yourselves, preferably, one that you think would turn into a good smiling face for us all to see by your messages.

Also, I'll be turning on email notifications for everyone. This means that emails will get sent to you anytime someone posts- that way, you don't have to check back here to know when there's new stuff to read. If you ever get sick of these emails, let me know! I can turn them off easily.

So, as for me- I've been stuck in Covington, LA for over a week now. We were called in here for what was supposed to be a friendly developer get-together, and quickly turned into a 16-hour day week of horribleness that has drained me so completely that I can't think of a good metaphor for how drained I am. I'm hoping to go home tomorrow- my friend Kevin, who I rode in with, is so angry and frustrated that he's declared he's leaving tomorrow morning no matter what, and has currently stormed back to his hotel room. So, it's looking good for me leaving... but I've thought that almost every day I've been here- I'm trying not to get my hopes up.

Love to all- and I'm really excited about our new nephew/niece!!


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